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Yes wordpress is a wonderful blogging sight,but I wanted something else,so I’m working on my new place,so stop in   there is no way to follow yet. But maybe somewhere down the line it will be added,so I’ll still be able to see you if you leave a comment,be nice,as most have been LOL! Why do some people leave nasty comments,just a part of life I reckon. Well I have not been sleeping well lately so I’m here doing business LOL!!

Love you all Happy

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Christians responsibility concerning Government Shutdown

October 9, 2013 at 10:32 am (Christianity)


How very true! These are exciting times also,as we see the Word of God being fulfilled.I love the truth that God is Still in Total Control!!

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With everything that has and is happening in the world it tells me one thing, Time is drawing near. I don’t have to give you scriptures about end times because this message is for the body of Christ. You already know what the Lord says concerning the signs of the time.

With the latest of the Government Shutdown I do believe trillions of people will be affected, I also believe that this shutdown will bring a burden on our wallets. You might not have your spiritual eyes open to see what is happening around you, but I pray that your eyes begin to open.We will feel the affect in every area of retail, crops will feel the pain, famine is not far behind. Other nations will rise and speak about having the answers for America’s problems  watch out for this, (it’s the antichrist setting the stage, false prophets will…

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Sunday 5pm

Earlier this evening as I went to be with my Father,I was not questioning Him any more about my erratic  sleeping habits,I went in like Mary and sat at His feet and I said,Father speak to me? And you talk about a well of water gushing up from within to overflowing, whew it did! I could not hardly stand it. As my Father started to remind me of His great love for me,and of His all-seeing eyes, and of His Almighty presence in me. I just wallowed in His presence as He told me of how He knows me and understands me,He reminded me of how He is holding me and keeping me,and that I do no have to worry or live in fear. Oh  my words cannot justly describe His Holy presence as I leaned in on His breast,I thought about how John must have felt? My Father reminded me of  promises He made to me many years ago,all coming to pass and that He’s going to make sure of it. Just like He did when I started blogging back in 2008,God had promised me you’re going to reach millions and you will not go to them. My mind went what? He said I’ll bring them to you. This was before I knew any thing about the computer or the internet. When I started saying I’m getting me a lap top,it just kept coming,then of course my brother brought me my first lap top,in  August 2007.After our Mother died in July 2007 he said my computer would give me company.  Being in God’s presence like this is awesome and you don’t soon forget it. I’m walking in my destiny reaching the multitudes  for Jesus through my blogging,doing what I’ve loved for many years writing. God is awesome and His love for us never changes,He never ever thinks of leaving us! I hope this post is a blessing to you,be encouraged God is still in control no matter what you’re going through or what you’re facing. Oh yea as I read in 2 Corinthians I saw where Paul had many  restless nights and he went through so much more 11:24~29 ,but God was always with him as He is with us,and I am so glad.


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