Daily Archives: November 24, 2008


To God Be The Glory,Every body talking about Obama.And I’ve read a lot of positives and a huge amount of negative things about Barack Obama.So now I’m sharing what Barack Obama being elected as our 44Th and Only black President means to me:I see the hands of God with Obama standing in them and all the History behind Him,all of us have been greatly Oppressed for many,many years.We were never taught about our Rich History in school as we were taught about yours,our Kinfolk were not even allowed to read or write for many years.And God still brought us through all the heartache of not being good enough,smart enough or light enough.I see Our people packed in ships like sardines and brought to a country as Slaves being treated less than animals and always being told you’re not good enough for Anything else but this, to do all the hard labor that built this Country but Never being Recognized.I see how our Kinfolk were hanged,raped and beat until they couldn’t even be recognized just because of the Color of their skin. I see our people as they marched with Martin Luther King Jr. for a better day for all of us here in America,and still the Racism,Prejudice goes on because you don’t understand like we do how it feels to be Hated for no reason other than Our color that seems to Disgust you! But now God has lifted Our Spirit’s High because Obama Represents us,and I hear my Heavenly Father saying Yes,yes I do understand and care for you! I saw a young black child as His teacher asked Him what Barack Obama being President meant to Him? as He cried and said it means I can one day be President! That and so very many others really touched my heart,for you cannot understand how it makes Us as a People feel because you have not Yet been where we’ve been,not only Broken Hearted but for many long year’s Broken Spiritually!! But God is saying to us YES YOU CAN-YES YOU CAN BECAUSE I MADE YOU AND LOVE YOU AND I CARE FOR AND ABOUT YOU!! If only I could express better the picture I see, but God knows and I am so glad that God has by Lifting up Barack Obama,Lifted us in our Heart and Spirit.And this is just the beginning because we have Greatness in us and from Greatness we’ve come. Hallelujah ~Praise God !!! Even now as a christian I can feel the hate from you,and you know better but that spirit of hate still rules in your life, for hatred is Never right,unless it has to do with Sin.God is not just the white mans God as has been portrayed for many years,even in bibles which makes no sense to be. And it is senseless to see only one color,when God made so many more Even Ours Oh how I Praise and Thank God for all He has done and is Yet to do.United we Stand or Divided we fall.

Love in Christ