The Holiday seasons are here and as we move around from place to place trying to get it all done right & on time let’s take some time out to Remember our Great creator God.For everything started with Him,Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created~ and history began.All that we have comes from God and at times like these we seem to forget God while trying to please everybody else and I’m sure this does not please our Father.So this year I’m going to Praise & enjoy my Father more for He is important to be.I love the Lord so,and He has brought me so far from where I started out in 1972 and I cannot tell everyone enough how good God is to me.And I’m sure each & everyone that is Thankful has a great deal to thank God for so give Him more time in your heart & your part of the world.If this blog doesn’t make much sense to you that’s ok,All I’m saying is let’s stop and give God more of us because He enjoys us being in His presence.

May God continue to bless (as I know He will)each of you and keep you safe doing the Holidays.

Love in Christ

Thanks so much for your comments,I do appreciate you.

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