Daily Archives: December 1, 2008


Love:That’s a word that we often use,but are we doing what love really means? The two most imporant scriptrues tell us; Mark12:The most important commandments is this:Hear O Israel!  (you can put your name in to make it personal)The Lord our God is the one and only Lord. And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart,all your soul,all your mind, and all your strenght.The second is equally important:Love your neighbor as yourself.”No other commandent is greater than these. So to love covers a lot of ground and what is the difference in loving others.We don’t love like this for we have a list of if you do and if you don’t when it comes to loving others,and if people aren’t doing or saying the things we want,then we sort of turn our love off.I know I am guilty of that,but as I grow and Jesus fills my heart and life it’s becoming a lot easier to really love others,and I do thank God for that and for opening my eyes to see people are really hurting when they say and do all sorts of things that hurt us and our feelings.We are the ones that have to step up to the plate because of who we Represent Jesus Christ.When we treat people with anything less than love and understanding we are doing a great injustice,and may be even turning them away from Jesus. So we do need to be careful when saying I love you and pray for God to help us show real love.Sometimes when I hear or see others bashing Jesus and His name that is one thing I hate,but I know they have a right to there opinion,so I just ask God to help me get over myself and to really love all others, because it’s only through Jesus who is love that  I can show true love. And I admit Lord I need your help to love others as myself for that is a tall order,but I know with you all things are possible.

Love in Christ Pat