Daily Archives: December 6, 2008


Today I am quite sad and to make matters worse I really can’t put my finger on any good reason why? The Christmas season could be the reason,but there is nothing different going on this year that I have not been through.Yesterday I read a Blog from this 14yr. old and it really tore my heart apart.Maybe that’s it,I was so moved by the things He expressed in his Blog about being  gay and being rejected by friends & family, that’s a lot to deal with at 14.Then I wondered how would Jesus treat Him and I know Jesus is so very merciful and His love is sooo much deeper than  ours,yet we are told to Love each other as The Father and Son Love each other? So as sad as it is to say we still fall so very short of loving like that,but in the mean time what are the ones to do, that don’t share  our love because we feel to Holy to even try and Reach out to those that are different from us.When we that are Christians seem untouchable what does that say to others about Jesus ,that Loves everybody? I know that being gay or lesbian has been Blown way out of per-portion  it seems to be the unforgivable sin– but it is not,Father help us to love others without judging them,for that’s your job.Help us to know that if not for your Grace we could be one of the unlovable in this world and please show us how to really show others love especially those that are hurting  and  are being put down on every turn.Father we need your help because even though we know what your word say about different sins,we are to Love others more that’s how we should show your Love. Now I’ve got my answer it is the fact that Loving others as God loves them is not what is happening,we are hiding from those that need us most .Why are we afraid of being changed? we should not be- but we should help others want to change by pouring much Love into their lives.Jesus Hung out with sinners just like us,and his Holiness changed others.Praise God

Love in Christ