God Is In Control

god-is-strongerGod is always in charge no

matter what is going on.

There is a lot of smearing

of God’s name today it seems as though it’s more

than usual.But as Christians we must get use to this & more because we have been warned of these days & time.The wicked will be worst,unruly,disrespectful,denying God and his power,loving themselves and their money .But as we also know they are on a real slippery path,therefore we must continue to pray for each other & stay in the word and also  pray for God to continue drawing the unbelieving to Jesus.

Love in Christ

p.s.I got this cartoon from a friend and wanted to share it.

1 thought on “God Is In Control

  1. lynnpittman

    Hey girl…reading more of your blog! I’m glad we found each other! I am enjoying reading and listening to God through your stories!

    Hey can I be a bum and borrow your cartoon that you borrowed? lol
    Love Ya,


Thanks so much for your comments,I do appreciate you.

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