Daily Archives: December 19, 2008

Don’t Get It Twisted

It’s so sad to see so very many peope messing with God’s word they seem to think it’s all real funny,but they’ve got it Twisted. It all seems to be Big fun right now but if they die  before getting saved as we know it will not be fun then.Many ,many people twist God’s word around to make it pleasing to them,but it is not pleasing to  God. Twisting God’s word to try and make God a liar,now where have we heard that before. It sounds just like their Father the devil,he is the Father of lies and he cares nothing about God or his word. I’ve been reading some very disgusting things said about God and it’s  because their minds have been so twisted wanting God if at all on their terms,but we know that ant happening. There is an old saying you either “Turn or Burn”! Their are some that twist God’s word from the pulpit and God is not at all pleased with them either. May God have mercy on them in Jesus name,and Father please help them to know the damnation they are bringing on themselves. Revelation 22:18~19

Love in Christ