Daily Archives: December 20, 2008

On This Rock?

Peter was so much like we are he did many things not pleasing in the sight of His Lord Jesus,You remember Peter he is the same guy  that denied Jesus.He went a little ways with Jesus but he was afraid and he even cursed,saying I don’t know the man.This Rock,Peter was rowdy remember he pulled out the sword and cut off the High Priest  ear.Peter walked a little ways on water,until fear kicked in -right in Jesus presence.Jesus is so much more understanding than we are,we tend to point our fingers at each other,but Jesus showed this Rock Peter nothing but love,mercy, and kindness.Oh to be more like Jesus I pray,even the people of the world see the wrong picture when looking at us ,for they Know nothing of the love Jesus has for us or them.Jesus knew Peter would stumble and fall all over the place,but yet He chose him.So don’t worry about where you are now Remember where the Rock started ! God loves us so much and he can take us from fear,doubting,trembling to the place He wants us to be in Christ Jesus.So we can Rest knowing truly that God is not finish with us.And to the mockers & unsaved I may not look like much to you,but Jesus Christ lives in me and He is working on this Rock.I cannot stand before God for you-you’ll do thatbut it’s “Best” to know the Rock changer Jesus he will make you shine. When Jesus helped Peter up every time he fell, Peter that rock turned out to be a Great leader. So don’t give up on yourself and don’t give up on Jesus.

Love in Christ