God’s Presence With Us

As we celebrate another Christmas I am reminded of why God sent his Son Jesus.It is because of God’s love for us and God wants us to know Him personally. Some wonder how can we really know God,but for us that beieve it’s no problem. For it is by Faith that we know Jesus came all the way from Heaven just to reconcile us with our Father.When we see Jesus in all his goodness and mercy we see God,I think about how Jesus was beating & suffered so much before he went to the cross. And of his suffering in the garden when things were really pressing  Him,but God gave Him comfort,just as he will us. I think of the theft on the cross who only said Lord remember me when you enter your Kingdow and such Mercy Jesus showed him. Jesus is so full of love for us all,and His presence here is to show us God! God’s presence through Jesus is to draw us to Him in all his love.It’s so wonderful to be saved even with my many trials it is all Worth it,just to know Jesus-and my Father God. John 14:6~10

Love in Christ

Thanks so much for your comments,I do appreciate you.

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