Just Rambling

It is almost Christmas eve and as I think of Christmas past I can say this one is not that much different.I’ve never been able to buy a large amount of gifts & things  and I haven’t decorated in many years,since my 2 children are now grown.I have to admit there are moments when I wish I could give,but then I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit for he will bring my thoughts back in line. For when I look around and see how blessed I am,then I have no reasons to feel sorry for my self or sad! For I am blessed because I know the Savior whose birthday we are celebrating and I have a good mind,good health and a big appetite(lol) I have a place to lay my head,a car and loads of family & friends that love me! So I will Praise God for all of my blessings,for there are many  with less than this,and for them I will pray for God to lift their Spirits. Luke 2:9a Suddenly,an angel of the Lord appeared among them,and the radiance of the Lord’s glory surrounded them.10 But the angel reassured them. “Don’t be afraid”!he said.”I bring you good news of great joy for everyone. 11  The Saviour-yes,the messiah,the Lord-has been born tonight in Bethlehem,the city of David! Yes I am so blessed to know the Saviour.Love in Christ


1 thought on “Just Rambling

  1. lynnpittman

    Hey Pat,
    Loving your blog post! I just tonight wrote about my Christmsa…how it was so different this year and how I thought it wsa just going to turn out awful, becausing things were just out of sorts for the season for me. Our church did a series on entitled “INKED”. It changed my life, my kids life, my hubby’s life and our church’s life. My church is a church that excepts you as you are. We have been attending this church for about 6 months and we are drawing in lost people every Sunday. These are people that would not walk into a traditional church. They are people that a traditional church would not accept. Our church is walking where Jesus walked…Jesus walked with the sinners…the drunks…the tax collectors…He didn’t come to save the religious He came to save the sick. Our church doesn’t judge what’s on the outside for Jesus is the judge for the inside (the heart)!

    Well just wanted to stop by and check you out!
    Love Ya,

    P.S. Would love to be able to meet you some day! Maybe God will let it happen!!!


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