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To God Be The Glory

Tight  Places

When everything has gone wrong and it seems as if nothing else can happen,then the unthinkable happens.My daughter has walked out after I gave and did all I knew to help her and show her nothing but love.That’s just the tip of the iceberg,now my husband of many years is not even speaking to me,as if everything is my fault.And just this morning I’ve learned we are losing the home we’ve raised our children in and made it into something so special.I cannot take one more thing,not one! I am so far down that I don’t even want help up, what’s the use in going on? These things make me feel like I’m in a straight jacket filled with lead,and nobody understands me. I am so far down that I feel God don’t even hear me,I feel like it’s all over! Oh I know that God still loves me but it’s so different in this deep valley,I can’t even seem to look up and I’m not thinking about getting up.All I want to do is crawl in a hole and never come out.Then I hear a quite whisper: I Am here,I Am here and I know it’s my Heavenly Father nudging me to get up and go on.But how I asked,how? Then I hear with me, I Am for you and that is more than this whole world coming against you,remember. So slowly  but surely I do manage to struggle out of bed and find my way to my Bible where I just sit there holding it,all of these thoughts running through my head,how am I  to go on? And yet I am holding in my lap the answer to my heartaches and headaches,for God promised never to leave  or forget me.Then in my mind I can hear Job saying the Lord gives and it’s his to take away,blessed be the name of the Lord. Now I can feel the Spirit of God giving me hope and peace,and even though I’m still not sure what to do next,I am sure that God does and my trust is in Him and He will lead me in the right way.Whew life is tuff and we do get in  “Tight Places” but God is our everlasting help! So if you are in a “Tight Place” remember Jesus came to “Rescue” us. Hallelujah God is real and He is good.

“Tight Places” is a close friends story that I have permission to write about.Because so many others are going through she wanted to share and let you know there is hope!

Love in Christ

Jesus Is

Jesus is my Saviour and my anchor he holds me close at all times,and I am so grateful & thankful for all Jesus is to me.Jesus is the one that has prepared me to stand before God dressed in a “robe” of righteousness for Jesus is my righteousness.Jesus has made me whole for he completes me and his Spirit leads and guides me.It is such a wonderful thing to be saved and know the love of your heavenly Father.And Jesus gave his life up for each of us and oh to know and enjoy his love,that is what I’m praying for others to get into relationship with Jesus and experience this Great love & peace Jesus gives to those that believe.For no other any where can love you like Jesus,as we approach the New Year I am going to keep in mind all Jesus has done and is doing in my life.I want an even closer walk with my Saviour so he can use me any time and any where.Just a little reminder that Jesus loves you.I love the Lord so much I just am so thankful to be saved. And  I want  so  much  for  you to be saved.

Love in Christ

Just Before You Give Up

There is so much going on in our world today with the economy and then our own personal problems, we can be really overwhelmed with it all. But there are answers in Jesus Christ for he was also mistreated,called a liar and totally humiliated as if He was a nobody! So Jesus truly understands our feelings of depression and fear and that is why he came to give us hope and to let us know that we can make it through all our up’s & down’s.When Jesus was in the Garden of   Gethsemane  he also felt like giving up,Jesus said my soul is crushed with greif to the point of death  Mark 14:34  Jesus had his disciples there with Him but they could not give him the comfort He needed. Much like us sometimes Mother,Brother or Sister can’t do it for us,not even our best Friend! Only God could comfort Jesus,and when he came back from the grave,where  he  settled  things for us. He is the only  one that can give us the comfort we need,and he will if we Trust in Him and call on Him. Don’t give up  Jesus can help give  Jesus a  real chance.   Romans 10:6~10 easy instructions to the help you need.

Love in Christ