Jesus Is

Jesus is my Saviour and my anchor he holds me close at all times,and I am so grateful & thankful for all Jesus is to me.Jesus is the one that has prepared me to stand before God dressed in a “robe” of righteousness for Jesus is my righteousness.Jesus has made me whole for he completes me and his Spirit leads and guides me.It is such a wonderful thing to be saved and know the love of your heavenly Father.And Jesus gave his life up for each of us and oh to know and enjoy his love,that is what I’m praying for others to get into relationship with Jesus and experience this Great love & peace Jesus gives to those that believe.For no other any where can love you like Jesus,as we approach the New Year I am going to keep in mind all Jesus has done and is doing in my life.I want an even closer walk with my Saviour so he can use me any time and any where.Just a little reminder that Jesus loves you.I love the Lord so much I just am so thankful to be saved. And  I want  so  much  for  you to be saved.

Love in Christ

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