Just Before You Give Up

There is so much going on in our world today with the economy and then our own personal problems, we can be really overwhelmed with it all. But there are answers in Jesus Christ for he was also mistreated,called a liar and totally humiliated as if He was a nobody! So Jesus truly understands our feelings of depression and fear and that is why he came to give us hope and to let us know that we can make it through all our up’s & down’s.When Jesus was in the Garden of   Gethsemane  he also felt like giving up,Jesus said my soul is crushed with greif to the point of death  Mark 14:34  Jesus had his disciples there with Him but they could not give him the comfort He needed. Much like us sometimes Mother,Brother or Sister can’t do it for us,not even our best Friend! Only God could comfort Jesus,and when he came back from the grave,where  he  settled  things for us. He is the only  one that can give us the comfort we need,and he will if we Trust in Him and call on Him. Don’t give up  Jesus can help give  Jesus a  real chance.   Romans 10:6~10 easy instructions to the help you need.

Love in Christ

Thanks so much for your comments,I do appreciate you.

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