Trusting in Hard Places

There are so many different circumstances that will throw us for a loop,even when we claim to be strong. when we’ve just came through a major storm and feel surely I’m stronger now just to have your lights cut off or the savings you thought you could fall back on wiped out within moments,and then your job you’ve depended on for years is just days away from being gone.All of these things and more can cause a very big panic attack the kind that just does not want to move,and you can feel yourself sliding down into depression and their is no one you feel you can call on for they are facing similar situations.But God is always aware of where we are and of the hard places we are in so run to Him by getting in God’s word, for as we get our minds back on Him the pain eases,then as we began to Praise God for who He is our focus will help us to put all our trust in Him for God said he will cause all these things to work together for our good Romans 8:28 I thank God for always being there for us and even though He does not do things the way we want Him to,He will help us to understand His way of doing things,which is best for us.

Let’s keep our trust in the God who knows and loves us!

Love in Christ

1 thought on “Trusting in Hard Places

  1. Tishrei

    You know, this is so very much the truth. What’s weird is that people will turn to Him big time when they are in a bad way and then when everything starts to go well for them, the bibles get put down, etc. But it is true, when we are in a bad way, He is the ONLY one we can rely on 100%. Everything is under His control.


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