Moving Forward -2009

Even though we go through different seasons,time and years,it’s so good to know that God never changes. Some time changes come hard and with our economy today you really don’t know what the next hour will bring. As we move forward into a new year,I plan to continue trusting in my Saviour Jesus Christ ,for he is the solid foundation and he knows my future for He planned it even before I was born.Now that is real Security,knowing that no matter what 2009 hands me it will not be to much for Jesus to handle! For he is my God and Great creator Jesus is always with me and I know He will never leave nor forget me.The awesome Benefits offered to us that continue believing will never cease,what a mighty God that gives such peace and assurance.I am always praying for more & more people to come to know Jesus as their personal Saviour,for the time for Jesus to return could be today and if you are not ready you will be left behind.Moving forward gives me more time for Jesus to use me and for me to walk closer to Him,I love the Lord and reaching out to others is what I also love doing.Remember you still have a choice please make the right one while you have a chance.
Love in Christ

Love in Christ

2 thoughts on “Moving Forward -2009

  1. lynnpittman

    This was an awesome post and your page is great! That is so AWESOME…that God never changes! He is the beginning and the end! Through His Son Jesus we shall have eternal life with Him! Our God has given us a choice in the matter…to follow Him or not! Feel free to choose…He does not make you choose but at the same time does not want anyone to perish! I thank the Lord that He sought me and bought me…He paid the price for my sins, that I may have everlasting life with Him.

    Have a Blessed Day and a Happy New Year!
    Love Ya Pat,


  2. Denise Mistich

    I agree, your post on 2009 was awesome. Focusing on all the changes in this world can make one dizzy at times, but focusing on the One who never changes and never fails is quite comforting.


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