Daily Archives: December 31, 2008

When Jesus Comes

There is so much going on today all over the world,and I know that God’s will is being done.for I am looking at the big picture.The word of God tells us when we those that are saved see all these things happening for us to look up for the day draws near when Jesus Christ our Saviour does come. What a time of joy that will be for us Praise God,to see our Saviour face to face. Every day we should continue living for our Lord, while all the time looking for Him to crack the Heavens wide open and with the host of Angels to gather us from the four corners of this earth! Wow I get excited just thinking about it,for that will be a day that every eye shall see Him even those that killed Him. When Jesus comes back it will be like lighting flashing across the sky,it will be Awesome and I am so ready for my Saviours return.I’ve grown sick & tired of all the mockers trying to tear down Jesus and His Great name. But while we are leaving you will be stuck here on earth to Endure pain & suffering that man has never know,and in order to buy or sale you must take the mark of your leader the Beast(satan) and that will not save you.You will be continually tormented day & night.Then you will often think about the word & things of God we tried to help you with-but you laughed.We are even now Safe in Jesus for he is Eternal Life,oh what a time,what a time that will be Praise God! While there is still time please call on Jesus to be saved,for the Horrors that are coming you will not be able to stand.
Love in Christ