Our Pastor Terry Wallace Jr. brought a wonderful word this morning from John 10:27 My sheep recognize my voice; I know them,and they follow me. He did sort of a short skit,with different people calling out to others like the Shepherds would do as they tend there sheep. And if a sheep didn’t recognize their masters voice they would not follow him,it was so good and the important point was:In order to Recognize our Shepherds voice we must first of all know Him, and be in Relationship with Him. Then in order to follow Him we must spend quality time with Jesus our true Shepherd,by staying in the word of  God daily. There is no way around it  the word of God builds our Faith, and teaches us how to handle our different trials & tribulations and in these days and time we need all the help we can get.Just wanted to share that encouraging word.
Love in Christ



1 thought on “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW ?

  1. Janet

    This is truly wonderful. So many of us believers do not understand what it means to spend quality time in the WORD. In order for us to know Him we have to spend time with Him. We need to bind our mind, will, emotions to His, and listen attentively to that still voice.

    When we pray or talk to Him, we need to stop and listen to what he is saying, His directions, wait on His answer, his directions and we will always be on the right path.


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