Good Morning

I thank God I woke up this morning with my good mind and my mind still on Jesus.It is truly amazing how quick things can change,and age has nothing to do with it.We can be in seemily perfect health one moment,then a car wreck or a slip and fall could change all of that.When I visit the Nursing Home I see all ages there,and some call out for loved ones that they remember.Others just sit silent as if they’re just thinking of days gone by,still others scream and cry for whatever reason,then every once in a while you see beautiful smiles that just melt your heart.It is all a part of this life and we just never know what we may go through before we leave this world,but it is good to know Jesus because no matter what we go through He is with us all the way.It is true the good(in Christ) suffer along with the rest of this world,that’s the way God planned it and as Christians we should have an encouraging word for the “sick” in this world,remember Jesus came to save the “sick”(unsaved) he came to call them to himself for only Jesus can cleanse our sin sick hearts and make us completely whole.I love my Saviour so much and I just want God to make me more & more like Jesus so I will always show real love to others.This is another good day for all of God’s benefits are still available to us,saved and unsaved we must accept them for ourselves.

Love in Christ

3 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. LisaShaw

    Having served in the Nursing Home Ministry years ago I can completely relate to your description of the various types of people (souls) that are there. It was one of my greatest joys to serve all of them.

  2. Susan

    Hi Pttyann,

    Thanks so much for stopping by today! So nice to meet you. This was such a great post. So full of truth. Thanks for sharing this with us all. Blessings to you!

  3. Hopeful Spirit

    “It is all a part of this life and we just never know what we may go through before we leave this world, . . . “

    Thanks for a beautiful reminder to be grateful for our very lives and all that they include — good and bad.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Hopeful Spirit
    On the Horizon


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