Where Is Jesus ??

I am a Christian,and looking for Jesus? What is this all about? Well in reading a lot of the post on wordpress and other sites,it really makes me wonder.I can’t ever remember reading where Jesus was a Basher no not once,yet here you are professing to be saved and acting or should I say writing like you belong to satan.Jesus always treated people with respect and showed great love for everybody he came in contact with,as a matter of fact  it was his Love that drew people to him. And we wonder why others aren’t being saved,please,we’re acting and walking so much like them where is the difference and there should be difference.Or have you completely forgotten about the Love Jesus portrayed through out his life time here.Something is definitely Wrong with our Love! I mean come on;bashing,from Obama to Rick Warren on to gays & lesbian what is really going on is nothing more than giving into the flesh,you’re doing wrong and calling it right like the Scribes & Pharisees .

    And God is not one bit pleased with some of you ,and you know who you are, check yourselves,beware God has his Plumb Line in his hand and that means:He is testing the uprightness of his people! We are to be pleasing God as his children and if we spend more time doing that then all the bashing will stop. Did you also forget 2 Chronicles 7:14 Then if my people (that’s Christians) who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face(here’s the part a lot  of Christians look over)  and turn from their Wicked ways,I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land~ I know we live under grace but Love paid for that grace. Don’t forget God’s grace & mercy works for others just as much as it works for you. We need to go back and do the first 4 books of the new Testament and learn who Jesus is,I am because I want to be more like  him.

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