Your Damascus Road

Paul was a Christian hater and he totally tried to eradicate the Lord’s followers and their faith in Jesus. Much like we see unbelievers doing today,Paul was very religious but he did not have a Relationship with Jesus,yet.  Much like many unbelievers today they search the scriptures looking for ways to prove their right and God is wrong,and not even knowing God is reaching out to them in love. Your hard times are meant to draw you to Jesus for salvation,and our hard times draw us closer so we can fall more deeply in love with Jesus,thus becoming more obedient. But we still have a choice to let these things make us Better or Bitter,as Paul ran around making threats with every breath he was determined in his mission against the Church (followers of Christ) to destroy their faith.But it was not God’s will then and it  is not his will now,for we are secure in Christ.

  Just as Paul continued on his evil journey  God had plans to stop him,and he paid attention!  He gave his life over  to Jesus for the forgiveness of all his sins and he admitted he was wrong. What about you how long will you wait before giving in to the love of God?  Where will your Damascus  Road lead you?  Paul and so many others have learned from their Damascus experience that Jesus Christ is Still the only way.  You have the power to make that choice for Jesus,but time is slowly but  surely running out – Just think you could be called into God’s presence right now!

                                                          Love in Christ Pat

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