satan Ant Your Friend

If you think that satan is around just to smile and have coffee or tea with or that he is around just to message your feet & neck to make you feel better or maybe he is giving you advice on a major decision you’re about to make.Just beware and Remember the real reason satan is all around with what seems to be good advice and good company of comfort,he is a liar and the father of lies and his real aim: Is to  kill,steal & destroy your faith in God with all his many tricks of deception. That is why we are to watch as well as pray for this enemy is out for total destruction and of course the Mind is the place the attacks begin,to stay safe from this enemy we need to stay in the all powerful word of God on a daily basis. Because this enemy watches for your weak spots before he launches the attack and God’s word will keep us safe as we keep our minds stayed on Him,it’ truly amazing at how much better we handle our trials & troubles as we stay focused on God. I’m found Philippians 4:6~8   to be so helpful for as we keep our minds on God and continue to Praise him the power and strength that floods the mind is so wonderful. So just a little  reminder that satan ant your friend and he is not just here for us to Buddy up with,but for us to resist him at all cost for he the Destroyer.
Love in Christ Pat

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1 thought on “satan Ant Your Friend

  1. Tishrei

    How true. He is the father of lies and deceipt and will tell a person what they want to hear, disguising himself as the angle of light in order to snare.


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