Just A Word

Don’t be discouraged, for if God is for you, all that satan throws at you will not matter for God is causing all you’re going through now to work for your good.Even though you can’t see and answer, or the end to the situation just be assured God has not forgotten you,and he will show up right on time.God’s love for us is so great and his Mercy toward us last for ever,so there is no need to worry or fear God is still in control no matter how bad it looks now.Keep your trust in God for victory and he will bring you through every time,it’s so easy to get discouraged when you keep looking at your problems but when you keep your mind on God you’ll see His greatness which brings such comfort and peace.

Scriptures for help: Romans 8:28,31,37 There is nothing created that can separate us from God. Isaiah 43:1~2 Romans 37 No,despite all these things ,overwhelming victory is ours through Christ,who loved us.
God has it under His control.

Love in Christ Pat

Thanks so much for your comments,I do appreciate you.

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