Hello I am going through a dry spell fo …

I am going through a dry spell for real where I know that God loves me for sure but I’m just,I can’t even put it into words.But I do know that God loves and understands I just don’t feel like going to church at all not that I’m angry at anyone,but thank God this to will pass for trouble don’t last always but all of God’s promises does that’s for sure.I am enjoying the different Bloggers writing and they sure are encouraging to me and I hope others are being encouraged and even more that others are coming into Relationship with Jesus Christ for Jesus is “still the only way” to God this I am sure of dry spell or not.No one can every satisfy like our Saviour Jesus.
Love in Christ Pat

2 thoughts on “Hello I am going through a dry spell fo …

  1. fivepeasinapod

    Hi Pat,

    I hope your dry spell passes quickly 🙂 I have a cold and feel a bit miserable myself. I know what you mean about not feeling like going to church…could you just go for coffee with a fellow believer and chat about God? This is what really gets us going for God…talking about Him and His word.

  2. Joanne


    Thank you for your sweet comment on my post today over at Faith Lifts.

    I can so relate to your ‘Dry Spell’ post here. There is something about the desert and valley time that draws us closer to Him, that’s for sure.

    The mountaintop may take us higher, but the valley takes us deeper.

    Praying that you are overwhelmed with a miracle refreshing of living water very soon.

    In Him, Joanne


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