Daily Archives: February 12, 2009

Abortion:Pharisees and Scribes

If you are saved then you should know the Reason that Jesus came,and that is to draw people to him not by force but through Love! And battering and treating others with anything less than Love is still wrong,God never forces any one to except him or his ways,so what makes you think you’re right to do it? Jesus is the one that does the drawing and by the way you treat those that are made in his image what is that saying about you and who you Represent? By doing wrong and using God’s word to back you up is not at all pleasing in God’s sight. There are many Worthy causes and different ways to help  what about all the children that need good homes,the  many others that are homeless and hungry,the abused & neglected children and the Elderly. There are many suffering because of no health insurance,no money to pay even the necessary bills to make it. I could go on & on with the Worthy causes you could be fighting for instead of hurting those that God has given the Right to chose as they please,you are hurting people that Jesus love and died and rose again for. And why?? Because you think you’re doing Right, and you are not, God is not pleased!

2 Chronicles 7:14     As children of God Love should always be the number one reason for doing any and everything,and we are to respect others more highly than we do ourselves and to treat them as we want to be treated,God has let us know that his judgement will begin in the Church that’s us Christians.

Love in Christ Pat