It’s A Beautiful Day

It’s beautiful day  here in our small city,the sun is shining bright and the birds are singing,I can feel the changes coming in the season.I can also see the changes in our world as God’s word is being fulfilled each day.It’s all so exciting to me for God always does as he says he will,it’s so good to have your trust in God in these trying times.God”s word has been tried over & over and it  is always proven to be true! Not much to chatter about today,just felt like writing,I hope wherever you are you are enjoying your blessed day and praying for others also for this is God’s will for us who believe.Jesus is “still” the only way to God,forever! Have a good week end.

Love in Christ Pat

Numbers 6:24~26

1 thought on “It’s A Beautiful Day

  1. Tishrei

    I know this is old post but I’m enjoying your blog so I thought I would work my way through it.

    I just loved the image of the sun shining and the birds singing. Those are all gifts of God to all of mankind. There’s little I like better than to sit outside and listen to the critters go about their lives while enjoying the nice sun filtering through my trees.

    Thanks for this lovely image 🙂


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