I love the Lord

“I love the Lord even though He’s out of my view,He’s always beside me and living in me to”. Today’s scripture: You are Worthy,O Lord,To receive glory,honor and power;For you created all things,And by your will they exist and were created. ( Revelation 4:11) Since God is our “Great and Holy creator he deserves all of our Praise! What and Awesome and Mighty God he is,he does as he pleases and there is No one who can stop him! O how I praise the Lord,Hallelujah
I hope you are having a good start by giving praises to our God.
Love in Christ Pat


2 thoughts on “I love the Lord

  1. Tishrei

    It is extremely comforting that He does as He pleases and no one can stop Him. It is only the Lord that we can trust and we can trust that what He does is perfect.


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