Daily Archives: February 27, 2009

Oh the “sunshine” is now all gone and …

Oh the “sunshine” is now all gone and the beautiful clouds are rolling in,yet it is still a good day for everyday will not be the same but as I’ve learned there are still many reasons to give God praise.I am up early this morning and feeling really good after a good nights rest and so thankful for another day! This is a good time for me to go get with God and enjoy some quiet time so that I’ll hopefully keep my mind more focused on my Heavenly Father, since it is He that loves me and supplies my every need.That being said let me leave a scripture for the day: Be still,and know that I am God.(Psalm46:10) It’s very good to spend quality time with God not just always asking for something but just “Basking” in His Holy presence,so I’m off until tomorrow as always I hope you enjoy your day no matter what comes your way “Remember” to whom you belong,and know that He will bring you through.
Love in Christ Pat