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Dying Because OF Your Lack

I’ve been reading quiet a lot of post about my brothers & sisters and they are struggling bad,and in these days and times we’re living in we are going to be tested to the max! I am being reminded of the “struggles” of my brothers & sisters before me for their “struggles” were seemingly more difficult than ours,yet God was always there and brought them through. The difference is they knew their God and they knew if they stayed faithful and trusted in him they would be brought through. I think of Job,Abraham,Joseph,Habakkuk there are so many more but these just give me such a lift. All of these men of God went through “Great” struggles and kept there Faith,remember now the reason the devil is coming against you it’s to steal,kill & destroy your Faith for without your faith in God you will turn back! It is very important to stay in God’s word for yourself  for God can speak to you. Don’t ever just sit in Church and listen always have your Bible with you,then you still must be careful to who & what you’re listening to. When it comes to suffering you’ve maybe been taught that you are not suppose to be going through what you are because of ? _______________   But that’s why you need to read your word and let God speak to you,for God has said  My people are perishing  because of their “Lack of Knowledge”!  Look up suffering then get in the word and let God speak to you instead of others,you’ll see you are right where God wants you to be for as long as he wants you to be.

Love in Christ Pat



I am still thinking about “Love” and being loved and treating others with love and respect,Jesus taught more about love than anything else in his word. Can you see that? Because it ,puzzeles me how we treat each other, then say you love the Lord,when we have a problem with each other we’re to go to that person in love,kindess and with patience because you nor I brought ourselves  to where  we are in the Lord and if we would keep that in mind we might treat others with more love and respect(. Galatians 5:22 ) But the Spirit produces these things “Love” is number one.


Still Standing


Just nothing much happening today which is a good thing,I’d rather have quiet days just to be able to enjoy all the beauty around me. For there is beauty everywhere,in the different neighbors that walk by,the birds singing,oh and the bee’s to fight off.So many colors to enjoy and it’s just a blessing to be able to see,the pretty pink building that’s now falling a part, umm it seems to need a little work,but then I’m no carpenter.That thought brings me to yet another site but this takes imagination,I wonder what it was like for baby Jesus being around the house,you remember his earthly Daddy was a carpenter. And growing up he probably did some of that type of work,I can see him running around with his hammer & nails knowing even then they someday they would be used  to kill him umm,even then Jesus was a good baby and young adult for he “never sinned”. Must have been so nice to have a Son like  that aye,giving you no heartache just going around doing good all the time. But even in caring for Jesus Momma & Daddy had their trials also,I wonder if they knew how  much longer they would enjoy their Son before he strechted out on the cross to give up his life for you and for me;My God,my God what love! Even after all this Jesus is still drawing all people to him for their souls salvation,it’s so amazing to me all that God has made and his love for us,his stubborn,hardheaded children that he loves so very much and that his love for us never changes,so “Wonderful” just to think of all he has done and to just ponder his love for me. I hope you enjoyed your day.

Love in Christ Pat