Time For a Change

In these days and times we must be willing to change for the things we’ve become use to are Changing. Change is good for it teaches us who is really in charge,for all to long we’ve thought we were in charge but God has a way to bring you to your knees and your senses! And for that I am thankful, for if God did not step in to turn us around then we would be totally destroyed and God loves us way to much to let that happen!  So as you go about  your day to day life keep in mind how much God loves you and though you’re hurting and maybe even angry just remember God is protecting you from some thing even worse!  All God allows has “purpose” even though you can’t see it,God is and “Always” will be in “Total Control”! 

Just thinking of God’s goodness to me makes me very happy,and I am ready for more change for I desire to be all God has saved me to be.

Love in Christ Pat

Thanks so much for your comments,I do appreciate you.

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