“Shifting Your Focus”

2 Corinthians 1:8~10 We want to remind you,brothers,of the trouble we had in the province of Asia. The burden laid upon us were so great and so heavy, that we gave up all hope of living. We felt that the sentence of death had been passed against us. But this happened so that we should rely,not on ourselves,but on God,who raises the dead. From such terrible dangers of death he saved us, and will save us again.
It is this hope that our lives depend upon,for God is a very present help in all of our times of trouble,God is for us and not against us! It is because of God’s faithfulness that we can keep moving in the times of our troubles. And it is so important to keep our “Focus” on God at all times,,for our enemy is always looking for any open door to step in and cause confusion & doubt. But as we “Shift our Focus” back to our Father who is more than able to help us the tables are turned,for focusing on God gives us clairty and helps us to understand that God is aware of all we are facing and he truly cares. God will always bring us through whatever we are facing and gives us strength to continue trusting in him,he will not always change our circumstances but he will certainly change us.
Love in Christ Pat

Thanks so much for your comments,I do appreciate you.

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