As I think of Easters pass the dying of the eggs with all the beautiful colors,and the dressing up in new outfits for Church,and of course the egg hunts made Easter really special and wow not to forget the big Easter dinner. When I was young I saw Easter a lot different than I do since being saved ,and even now as I think about Easter the colored eggs remind me of us all of the different colors of people that God has made and loves each of us. Then I think of the new outfits and we all need that change , before God we are wrecthed and naked,and full of sin and only Jesus Christ can dress us up to please God by washing away all of our sins. And the egg hunt reminds me that Jesus is yet looking for the unsaved to come into Relationship with him,and the “Big Feast” awaiting us that believe and have accepted Jesus as  Saviour what a time that is going to be! Just think the biggest table we’ve ever seen lol.

Love in Christ Pat

I hope you enjoy being with family and friends on Easter.

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