What Will You Do?

What will you do when you’re taking your last breath? Since you don’t believe in God and you say there is no hell! Wow I just wonder what it will be like for you,when you know you’re dying and there is no stopping it! Whew I bet there will be such fear like you’ve never known,you curse God now but,what will you do then? It’s so sad the picture of one being in the presence of Almighty God,and you never took advantage of the  chance while you had it to believe and trust in Jesus Christ. Now there you stand wrecthed,naked,full of sin and you now know that it was the truth all alone,but yet you cursed and rejected the “Only” one who could have given you “Eternal Life”!!! What will  you do? When you hear depart from me for I never knew you,not because God didn’t seek you out,for he did! But you were so sure of yourself and that you were right,now here you stand before the “Only Living & Holy God” ump,ump you were wrong all alone,if you had only believed the truth while you had a chance.

 This is going to be the end for some,please don’t let it be you! Give your life to Jesus while you have a chance,this could be your last moment before you enter God’s Holy & Awesome Presence!  Then there is “Nothing” you can do.

Because I Care

Love in Christ Pat

1 thought on “What Will You Do?

  1. Marianne Lordi

    Great message Pat. Christ is coming back soon and sadly many will not be ready to meet him. There will be many who believe that they are saved who will hear the words from Christ, “Depart, I never knew you”. So many are deceived into thinking that they have the right religion or are doing enough to earn salvation that are going to be in for a real awakening. This world is perishing and the darkness hides the evil that is permeating this earth. We must stay awake and keep watch for the glorious appearing of Christ. And we must pray for the lost for soon it will be too late.

    God bless.



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