When You Don’t Know What To Do!

You’ve had it all and you could do whatever you wanted to do,but now the good paying job is gone and you may have to dip into your savings soon! Stress levels are up you can’t even hardly stand to talk to the love of your life or even think about college funds any more. Things have changed so much and your health problems aren’t any better if any thing they’ve gotten  worse.Then there are the kids to think of and things they need now it seems. I’ve learned from going through many hard trials that “When you don’t know what to do? You should be like Jehosphat run to the Lord,Jehosphat was a good King and he did all he could to please God and yet the enemies came after him,in 2 Chronicles 20:1  It tells how his enemies came and others besides ,enemies he hadn’t encountered before where ready to attack and Jehoshaphat was full of fear,greatly shaken! But even so he began to seek the Lord,and his answer came  1:15  This is what the Lord says: Do  not be afraid! Don’t be discouraged by this mighty army,for the battle is not yours,but God’s.    1:17      Take your positions,then stand still and  watch  the Lord’s victory. That word from God is just as true and good today,take your position of “Praise” and keep trusting God for the changes in you and for you because they will come.

If you don’t know Jesus as your personal Saviour,then please call on Him first for salvation.God’s greatest desire for mankind is that he be saved. All of your problems will not go away,but you’ll have steady help,you can depend on Jesus. All of His promises are for His children,so please consider coming into relationship with Jesus. Jesus gives us peace in the midst of the storms,reassuring us that we will make it through. There is nothing any where that compares to the peace Jesus Christ gives,nothing!

Love in Christ Pat




45 thoughts on “When You Don’t Know What To Do!

  1. Two wonderful posts . . . it wouldn’t let me comment on Shifting Focus – but what a great point. We need to keep focused on God and what He can do not our situation or ourselves.

    Thanks for your encouraging words.


  2. I’ve found this post to be encouraging to me even now! For so long I cried out to God for HELP with this weight problem and GOD heard me,and changes are taking place concerning this problem! I give all “Praise to God” for answering my cries “Hallelujah”!!!! The thought of food has changed and my desire to constantly eat has changed drastically!!!! I have this poster I made hanging here it says:”WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE YOU’RE STUCK”REMEMBER”JESUS CAN SHAKE YOU LOSE” I use to read it and just shake my head for I was so low and felt like my HELP would never come?? But it sure has,and so will yours so “DO NOT GIVE UP” God has “ALL POWER” and he still can do anything!!!
    Love you

  3. Hi Pat,
    I am a fellow sister-in-Christ from Singapore who happened to stumble upon this post, and I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for this. I believe God used you to touch and still my heart just when I was in much need of comfort and reassurance. I had forgotten once again the battle is not mine to fight, but God’s. And to be reminded of that is such a breath of fresh air. Indeed, He has an unequaled capacity to sympathize with us in all our sorrows and temptations. May our gracious Heavenly Father continue to be so real to you, sister! All glory be to God!

  4. We have been out of work for two years. We have begged God for guidance, for Him to show us what He wants us to do, which direction He wants us to go. Yet, now, we are without income, living off of family, which certainly cannot last long. Is it that we are looking in the wrong direction? How can we know what it is that God wants us to do?? If this is not the career path … then what is? We’ve begged, we’ve pleaded … I don’t know what to do anymore.

    1. God loves you and he cares! Even though you feel afraid & confused God is there with you! Your answer may not look like what you want,but it’s what God wants for now.If it had not been you would not be there lol,life is funny.I’m still learning to trust God in the hard places,so I look up scriptures on suffering and read,red,read.Learning how God does things brings peace!!! Love you and thanks for stopping in.

  5. Thank you I needed that. I really need the Lord’s guidance right now. It’s funny how people remember the Lord the most on troublesome times. But I thank Him for being always there for me. God Bless Us!

    1. I know Angelica I was just thinking about that yesterday and got a good word from the Lord,If we didn’t have our test & trials we would forget about God.Just going on our little merry way,but as you statd our test & trials bring us running to God and that’s where he wants us in his presence.Oh God is soooo good and merciful. Have a wonderful day 😀

  6. I saw this earlier, and randomly opened the bible and saw it again. I think God really wants me to be strong, that was no mere coinsidence, this is one of my most toughest times, I really need to be strong, but I’m only strong with Him, may He guide us all in our toughest decisions.

  7. Yes Angelica he wants us to be strong so that we do not give up,for God has promised to never leave or forget us,and he want.Even when we feel we can take no more God is cheering us on! And remember Job how God allowed him to go through such hard test,but satan could only do what God allowed and no more.I love that knowing God is in control no matter how bad things get he has planned our way out and at just the right time God will reveal it.So hold on God has not forgotten you!!!!
    Love you 😀

  8. i dont know why god is taking such a difficult test…… i m jst struck, nd dat 2 in all directions, i need 2 focus my energies in the right directions nd let myself free from my past bcoz really this past is killin me, nd i too wnt 2 end all sorts of justifications dat i give 2 myself nd take frm odrs, help me lord. i wnt 2 end this test smilin nd also i want 2 be truthful,,,,,,,,,,, HELP ME GOD.

    1. Hello Varun
      Thanks for coming in and do know that God is in total control of whatever you’re going through,and he will bring you out stronger than before.Keep crying out for him and ask God to help you wait with the right attitude,it’s important.Our trials & tribulations seem to get the best of us,but God is using all that we go through to help us and to help us be a blessing to others.Try to keep your mind focused on Jesus at all times.
      Love you and write me any time.:D 😀

  9. Update… Even though I’ve gained at least 10 lbs. since I starting losing weight last year this time,I will not give up!! For the promises of God are yes and amen,my Heavenly Father can do this as easy as he has delivered me from drinking 12yrs. free,and smoking on the 24TH of November instantly delivered after smoking for at least 25yrs. or more “Hallelujah” Praise God. This weight lost is very important to me and my Father has promised me that I will lose this weight and not gain it back,and at times I’m wondering what’s going on and I keep hearing in my own time,with God timing is everything. I know my Father is going to do this for me!!! I know it deep in my heart oh yeaaaaaa!!! So be encouraged whatever you’re going through God has not forgotten you no matter what it looks like,God is still in charge.
    Love ya 😀 😀

    1. Praise God,this post is such a blessing to many and for that I thank God. It’s now 8/6/2012 and I have once again gained the weight back ugggggg! I hate it with everything in me,and yet I will not give up! I know God is more than able to help me do this,He has helped so many others. I have to remind myself that our timing is not in sync with God’s. So I hold on to my faith in Him and don’t you give up,no matter how bad it feels or looks. Keep your faith in God and encourage yourself through His word.
      Love you 😀 😀

  10. i NEED PRAYER for a new job. I need prayer for forgiveness. I had an interview last Friday ,the last interview I had sent up and I was 30 minutes late. I cried in the anteroom and I am sure someone told the people in charge.
    I did met with two people, but not the people in charge. I sent an apology via email. It was just one of those days, I guess the anxiousenss that after that interview, I had none other lined up, and the other interviews I had proved to be futile

    I lost my job on January 21st. Even before I lost it-I had been searching and searching, I have sent people flowers, I have written people notes for a job, some even begging for a meeting. Even when I was working I had a great deal of trouble making ends meet.
    The few interviews I have had were only given to me because of intervention high up in City Hall. Before his intervention, I never got an interview-despite my constant prayers for help to gOD..

    My life is so tough.
    I have prayed and I have prayed. I dont know waht to do.



    1. Hello Lisa
      I’m so glad you came in and please know that God’s love for you is great,he does not hate you.The enemy satan tries to convince you of the lies that God hates you. God is for you all of the way he even gave his only Son Jesus Christ so that you can live eternally and get help here and now. In Jeremiah 29:11 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. God has planned to help you from the beginning.You have to put your faith in him,and even when we believe and trust in God things are not going to go our way for God said : “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.
      9 For just as the heavens are higher than the earth,
      so my ways are higher than your ways
      and my thoughts higher than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:8,9 God’s word is the truth and we can always trust God to do what he says. Trouble comes to us all,but how we handle it has a lot to do with the outcome. So I want you to call on Jesus for repentance first,we need to be forgiven for our sins and in relationship with Jesus Christ.And you can do that only through Jesus Christ,he is the only one that can make you right before almighty God. Lisa I will be praying for you,and please know that God is not mad at you and he does not hate you. You’re just feeling the pressure of the things you’re going through. Jesus can give you such peace that you will not even worry in the midst of your trials,call on Jesus and mean it and you will hear from him please go here for more daily reading: http://gooddevotionals.wordpress.com ,and do stay in touch. I care and God cares for you even more.

      Love you Lisa

  11. i know god is with me..stil feelin dat sumthin hurting me from inside..bt he knows evrythng n gonna help me..PRAISE THE LORD..he’l bless ol

  12. Jemme… am not even sure that your going to get this,, im not familiar with blogs and not sure if i have to have a blog for you to get my reply!!! Regardless of that, i pray that this message will reach you!! Pat i have been so blessed to stumble upon your blog, as i lay here with less than 4 hours before i have to be up for work, i was struggling to sleep as for the past few years, i have felt like am carrying the burden of the world on my shoulders, laying here feeling so close to GOD yet so far as i try to understand why am in this vicious cycle of stress and shut doors has proved to overwhelm me this evening. Not sure where to start but reading your home page and other stuff you have wrote has been such an encouragement, that i plan to come back and read some more. I am a 24 year old parent who has struggled with depression and alcoholism and have been lately trying to quit smoking. Am so encouraged to read that GOD delivered you from both and reading whats above has been a blessing. I am encouraged and have stronger faith that he really cares. Thank GOD for you and what you do, your blog and what you wright is so honest and moving, thank you, praise and glory to GOD. Its evident that u sincerely care, i hope you get this.

    I was also very sadden to read others who are seriously struggling, but felt encouraged that i am not the only one who is struggling as i feel at times isolated in my church even though i know they are all amazing people in Christ. Lisa i pray that out of all your situation u find GOD and hear him in regards to what direction he seek’s for you. Big love pat hope to hear from you 🙂 x

    1. O Jemme
      Thank God for your coming here for God has done some great things in my life,and he will do the same for you in his own time.Praise God I’m writing a personal letter to you just enjoy your stay here and hold on,don’t give up! God love you dearly and he will never give up on you these scriptures in Romans 8:15~20 has been and is a great blessing to me,read them over and over and meditate on them.That’s how the word gets in us,we stay in it and the Holy Spirit will bring it to life! I am so excited to be a blessing to you Jimme,so excited,that’s why I’ve gone through these things so that I can give you hope and encouragement. God will do it__________ whatever it is,God will change you and at the same time change he’s changing things,you of course cannot see the changes “Yet”. But God is doing work through our dark and hard times that he cannot do any other way,God knows what has to be done
      Love you Jimme and I’ll chat with you soon 😀 😀

  13. Hi Pat,

    Thanks for sending the pingback. Wonderful post! Thank you so much for the encouragement. I have taken my position of “Praise”, and I am waiting on the Lord, and trusting Him to do what I know He can do in my life! I believe the Lord has used this post to bless many. May God bless you always!

    Love you,


  14. Hi Pat,

    Thank you for the post. It really spoke to me and I drew a lot of encouragement from it. I’m going through a very challenging time right now and it’s difficult to see how it will all work out.

    I noticed one thing though. You may want to double check the reference you gave in the post. I might be wrong but I think you might be referencing 2 Chronicles 20 instead of 2 Chronicles 1. It’s an easy oversight. I’ve certainly done it before.



    1. Hello Dan,thanks for looking out I made the change,you know God truly does know what we need.I am also facing a hard battle right now,and though we try fear still comes in. But we have to continue crying out to God,because he is the “Great I Am”!! and he can handle it all.You will be in my prayers and do keep me in yours.
      Love you brother Dan

  15. my mind is not in control of me i could not succeed in my many competetive exams ,so till now i cound not get a job, as i have taken loan for my study so i am in much frustration,i worked very hard but i could not succeed GOD i dont know what i do next in my life, i feel luckless this time ,please someone show me the path….

    1. You’re right your mind is not in control of you that sinful nature is,if you have not been born again please consider accepting Jesus Christ as your Saviour.All of your problems will not go away,as a matter of fact they may get worse,But you’ll have the assurance that only Jesus Christ can give you. Jesus brings peace and joy and so much more into your life! Jesus will lead and guide you in the right direction for your life,Jesus gave his life in order to set you free. When you really want the help you’re seeking,call on Jesus and keep calling him until you’re sure you hear him.Ask him to forgive you for all of your sins,ask him to help you believe and trust in him as your Saviour and he will. Jesus will never leave you and he will give you such love,comfort,peace and joy. So when you’re really ready call on Jesus and he will come to you. I’ll be praying for you to accept Jesus as your Saviour it’s the best decision you’ll ever make in your life,and you do not need luck.
      Love you 😀 😀

  16. Thank you for your post Pat. I’m in a hard situation right now. It has to do with the person I’m with. I dont’ know if I should marry this person. He’s a Christian, but has anger issues, due to his childhood. His father is so mean to me and puts me down all the time. My boyfriend has a bright future, but I don’t really know if I’m supposed to be a part of it. I keep praying and asking God for guidance, but I hear nothing. I get so scared and I just want to disappear. I feel so lonely even though I have family and friends who love me and Most of all I know God loves me. I feel like my biological clock is ticking and I’m running out of time. I don’t know if the person I have been with for so long loves me the way I love him. I feel pushed to the side by him. Everytime I let him know he starts fighting with me, so I just stopped telling him how I feel. I love this man and I want to be marrried and have children. I really don’t feel the same from him, even though he tells me he does want to marry me, but hasn’t asked me in 8 years. Please pray for me I’m so tired.

    1. Hi Lisa,8 years is a long time and he has not married you yet! Let me just say I am very straight forward,because of what I’ve been through,and let me tell you that marriage will not change this man! I was where you are now and I made the mistake and married this man that I thought loved me.Why does he let his Father treat you any kind of way,it’s because he does not respect you.In a relationship there has to be real love and trust,and I do not see that. You may feel you need to marry now,but I caution you to wait.Every situation is different,but I see trouble here,he has not gotten any help for his anger problems,he is not taking up for you,and after 8 years he has not asked to marry you. Please Lord open Marie’s eyes and give her the strength to walk away if this is your will Amen.
      Love you 😀

  17. Thanks I have been thanking that these problems are mine when really its God battles that he ve already won I still have yet to trust and fully understand that but now I have a duty which is to constantly give it to him

    1. Amen,Arnold just continue trusting in God,we know all of His promises are true and we know that God will answer.
      Love you 😀 and sorry for the late reply

  18. hello pat ,i need for you to pary for me am going through alot of promble at the moment,frist i got sick and suffering from dizzziness alot,i also loss my job,my partren lot his job also,we can pay our rent properly or buy porper food to eat,my sons hate me because i cant help as before,i cant sleep at night,i just dont know what to do about anything,anymore,i keep on parying and parying and hope that god will turn my situaltion around,but my boyfriend tell me god is not anwers my pary,i really dont belive that,i just keep on parying for god HELP,i cry so much that my body feel so weak and i cant think cleary,PLEASE PARY FOR ME , GOD BLESS YOU .

    1. Hello Annmarie,if you don’t Jesus as your personal saviour,that is a starting place.Just as we do more for our own children,so will God. And the only way to be His is through a personal relationship with His Son Jesus Christ. Pray to Jesus first ask Him to forgive you of your sins,and let Him know you desire Him as your true Saviour. Everything will not instantly get better,but on the inside Jesus will give you peace and let you know there is no need to worry. In Acts 14:22 you’ll see that in this world we will have many different types of trials,but Jesus has taken care of that,and all we need to do is trust Him. I’ll tell you like I do my nephews get real with Jesus,and Jesus will get real with you! Keep crying out to Jesus and mean it and you will hear from Him,you are in my prayers Annmarie.
      Love you

  19. God, I can’t believe I’ve lost my newly gained job after just one month and now I feeling that helpless position once again. I have been down this road of endless searching and its uncomfortable/miserable/depressing feeling. I once again ask you to heal my pride wounded by recent hard times, and let me reach out in faith that You will provide. Help me believe in myself and Your ability to grant me a job in the future. Inspire me to keep reaching out, no matter how hard it is, that I may receive all blessings from You, including help from others, in Your loving and precious name. Amen.

  20. Thanks Carolyn I am so glad you shared with us your fear and doubt and trust in God.These times are sure enough hard to get through even knowing Jesus as our Saviour. It’s comments like yours that bless others for they know it’s hope for them,yes indeed thanks for stopping in and for your comment.
    Love you 🙂

  21. Pat, I thought that post was a reply to my cry for help. Isn’t God good all the time. I’ve been saved since 2000. I know the New Testament really good and about 1/2 of Old Testament. Joseph’s story is my favorite. I read about Jehovastat lat year I think. I remember about where it is. I will re-read it tonight. I’m still trying to insert media into a post, I could have written 3 posts by now, ought to write one on succeeding if I ever do. Thanks for reading my blog it means so much to me. I joined that Na Pro thing but it’s for writing a short book 50.000 words. I can’t sleep at night sometimes thinking about an imaginary character from another time. Thanks again Pat.

    1. LOL!! Yes once you learn you’ll love it,to add media should be right there in the box you type in.”Happy Blogging”!! And thanks for following!!

  22. Nothing like hitting a nail so hard on the head that it drives the nail all the way into the board. Very nice blog post Pat! May God send you many blessings, but even better; more work for His glory!

    The Koi Fish Christian

    1. Thank you so much for the encouraging comment! I sure do appreciate you ! I do love an enjoy encouraging others, have a wonderful day 😀😀

      1. I knew God had a reason for me to write my blog post last night; even though I did not want to! God is amazing and if being obedient on my part made your day, then all the praise go to Him!!!

  23. I am a believer but I am struggling really bad financially. I have let God, ,my wife, and my kids down. I work 2 jobs and just don’t know what else to do. Nothing is going my way or working out for me. This has been the way of life for my entire adult life but I am at a breaking point and so is my wife. I want to trust God but I am hurting so bad and am in such a bad place. I pray to die. I don’t see any other way out. It would be better for everyone involved. I beg God for direction and guidance. I just don’t feel his presence. I can’t keep hanging on like this.

    1. Do Not Give Up !!! Taking your life only cause more problems!! God did not Promise to do what we want nor when we want him to!! He promised to supply our daily needs nothing more. We get so caught up in What we Think we need until We cannot see our Daily needs being Supplied!! I’ve been where you are and God brought me through!! He’ll do the same for you Read Habakkuk 3:17 Isaiah 43:1~8 God is saying no matter what it looks or feels like Trust Me. I know it’s hard but through the Holy Spirit it’s Possible!! God knows and Understands Your Feeling’s!! Tell Him the same thing you just told me ,then Listen!! He will let you know He loves you and will Never leave you !! Please send me your email address! I’m praying I love you!

    2. Bill I hope your emotions have calm down, I’ll continue praying for you and your family! Do also visit pttyann2 it’s called Good Devotionals many encouraging Devotionals there God bless you

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