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John 11:20    When Martha heard that Jesus was coming,she went out to meet him:but Mary stayed at home. Martha said to Jesus, “If you had been here,Lord my brother would not have died!    In many of our circumstances we’re just like Martha,Lord if you had been here or Lord do you still care about me.So many times we forget to Rest in the Lord until he is ready to come and handle the problem! We get all upset and then Fear & Doubt buddy up and the attack is on,and the more we look at the problem the bigger it gets! But there is a place of peace,and as I’ve said many times that place is getting our minds back on Jesus. For he promised us as well as he did Martha,that he cares and he is the answer! Not only at the end but right now Jesus loves us and he cares about all we’re going through. And I’ve also learned that the waiting process is not all about us, but as Jesus showed Martha and others there in verse 15 But for your sake I am glad that I was not with him,so you will believe. When we struggle and go through our ups & downs people are also watching us,and as Jesus brings us through others faith is build up,and the unbelievers are also watching and many are being encouraged to trust Jesus as their Saviour. So just as God promised it’s all working for our good,God has considered everything & everybody when dealing with us! “What A Mighty God We Have”!!


Love in Christ Pat

A Good Word

Psalms 9:9,10     The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed,a place of safety in times of trouble. Those who know you,Lord,will trust you:you do not abandon anyone who comes to you.

God’s love is such a wonderful thing and he really loves each of us,with God we are “Never Alone”! God has made so many wonderful promises to us. So even now if you’re feeling over whelmed or that God does not care,be “Encouraged” for he does his word is the truth. Our Heavenly Father has made a way for us and that way is still Jesus Christ his Son,I just love the Lord for he is sooooo good,understanding & full of mercy toward us all. And again he has promised that he will not abandon us! “What and Awesome God he is”,and so full of love for us all. “Don’t Give Up” God will show up for he has promised and his word is true.

Love in Christ Pat


I do so enjoy reading the post from different Bloggers,I stumbled upon a Blogger Squrriel and she has so many different pictures of somtimes trees and fields so much stuff that she likes to Blog about.And there are many others that I enjoy but their names I can’t remember them all,Squrriel just sticks out now and the nature scenes are so captivating,especially this “Tree” it ‘s all twisted & big yet it’s so beautiful! God has made so many awesome and wonderful things in this world for our enjoyment,it truly amazes me and I love it! And I love the Lord Jesus my Saviour for he first loved me and I’m telling you God has done so many wonderful things for me and in me,I’ll always Praise him for he is “Worthy”. Now I’m going to check out more Blog post and get strength and encouragement from my sisters & brothers,happy reading I hope you’re having a good day and enjoying this “Big Beautiful” world and all that God has created.

Love ya