God Has Not Forgotten You

While during my bible study this morning I got this very good devotional from Our Daily Bread: At Just The Right Time.

It was such a blessing to me reminding me that God’s timing is just right,while I wait and cry out to God I sometimes feel he has forgotten me,so this devotional really helped me a lot and to share in my words what I got from that: God is always on time,even when he sent Jesus he had everything in order for His coming to rescue us,and that gives me the assurance that he will also continue to take care of me & all of us that believe and trust in him. It seems when we’ve prayed for a long time{our time} and we don’t see and answer any where we tend to get so discouraged! And that is really what satan is counting on,that we’ll get so down & out that we totally give up!But this is the time we need to draw closer to God for it is he that keeps our minds focused on him,and in his own way and time he will answer. And I’m sure at times you feel just like I do, God please hurry up with my answers! But it’s then that the Holy Spirit start  to remind me of God’s word and he does a great job of calming me down wow! I so thank God that he has promised “Never” to leave nor forsake us Hallelujah. God  Has Not Forgotten You for he is thinking of you now,for his word says he thinks of us more often than the sand around the sea shore! And that is good news.

Have a good day

Love in Christ Pat

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