A Good Word

Psalms 9:9,10     The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed,a place of safety in times of trouble. Those who know you,Lord,will trust you:you do not abandon anyone who comes to you.

God’s love is such a wonderful thing and he really loves each of us,with God we are “Never Alone”! God has made so many wonderful promises to us. So even now if you’re feeling over whelmed or that God does not care,be “Encouraged” for he does his word is the truth. Our Heavenly Father has made a way for us and that way is still Jesus Christ his Son,I just love the Lord for he is sooooo good,understanding & full of mercy toward us all. And again he has promised that he will not abandon us! “What and Awesome God he is”,and so full of love for us all. “Don’t Give Up” God will show up for he has promised and his word is true.

Love in Christ Pat

3 thoughts on “A Good Word

  1. Linda Kostin

    I just had to read this again Sweet Patootie because I’m really down in the dumps today.
    My unemployment just ran out and there are no jobs around here with thousands of people being laid off continuously.

    I only have half my rent therefore I need a major blessing at this time. I thought that they increased our unemployment a month but I guess it was meant for people from the new year on; not those of us that lost our jobe before that.

    The Lord is our refuge and our hope in whom we must put our trust; as during a recession such as this… we have to run to Him not walk : Our refuge and our help:Our high tower eh? The Lord shall supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory but I live alone and am human and worry like anyone else does at times in my position; with nobody to help me out, even with lending me money as everbody is struggling in Ontario; especially the Niagara Region. So pray for a miracle for me.

    Well, pray more stronger then ever now that the right door opens without delay so that my literature can be published. Gifts from God that I humbly thank Him for, as He is the One who placed the words upon my heart as from my pen they did depart. All the Glory to the Father; in Jesus’ name, amen.

    Love you. Keep writing your words of encouragement my dear is.

  2. Rachel

    fascinating . . . it struck me as I read your post – I thought of all the times in my previous life as a Christian by label and not by heart that I read similar truths and they just passed me on by. Now – they resonate with my soul and what I know to be true because I have experienced those promises. Praise God! I’m so thankful He is patient with me and that He never stopped calling me to Him.



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