I’m Sick Of All The B.S.?

This B.S. is all I hear about! On every turn more & more of this B.S.? The B.S. you’re thinking about is not what I’m referring to here,even though there are a lot of people that call it that. The B.S. I’m talking about has been around for many years and yet you’ve “Rejected” it. And let me tell ya rejection hurts no matter who it comes from,we do not like being rejected! Yet with all the B.S. going around,what should we as Christians do? Well the first thing we are told to do is to be ready,and to share in love,kindness & patience. And yet we are still Rejected but so is our Saviour,and he continues to love all he has made. But God is pleased with us as we share for our B.S.}”Belief System” is the only true one,there are so many different faiths & religions saying there way is right,but they like the proof of a living Saviour as Jesus Christ!

2 Corithians 4:1 God,in his mercy,has given us this service,and so we do not become discouraged. 4:3 For if the gospel we preach is hidden,it is hidden only to those who are being lost. They do not believe because their minds have been kept in the dark by the evil god of this world(satan). The only way to have true freedom,peace & joy is through Jesus Christ the Holy,Righteous Son of God.This Belief System is good and right and God’s love for you has not changed,give Jesus a chance in your life.

Love in Christ Pat


Thanks so much for your comments,I do appreciate you.

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