Just Rambling

I’ve been praying a lot more lately because of the changing times,and things are changing fast! We must get back to regular and steady praying for each other family,friends and neighbors. I can remember back when a prayer meeting was about just that prayer,but now when having a prayer meeting is mentioned,it’s what are we eating?The times we’re seeing now are only going to get worse,according to God’s word in( Matthew  24) it speaks of unseen horrors to come.   The word of God has warned us of these days & times we’re now living,and God said that many would loose there faith because of fear! Fear is a powerful tool of the enemy,another good reason to pray for each other To Stand and hold on,for our redeemer draws near.And prayer will give us strength and the courage needed to hold in these troubled times,all of the hero’s of the Bible those God chose to you can be and inspiration to us.That’s another good reason to stay in God’s word,it’s a faith builder for sure and I do so enjoy reading & studying God’s word.It’s time out for trying to impress others with our religious and spirituality’s,that “crap” don’t draw people to Jesus if anything it turns them away. And there is another reason for prayer,for we do still sin and need for God to clean our lives up. For we are salt & light and our lives should be drawing others to Christ!  So do enjoy your good hot Saturday evening or whatever the temperture is in your neck of the  woods and pray,pray,pray for othres to be saved and for us to draw closer.

Some scriptures that got me to thinking this evening: 2 Timothy 2:3~13,16  and 21 ~23 God is so good and His faithfulness is great.

Love in Christ Pat


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