Shouting Time

Joshua 6:10   “Do not shout;do not even talk”.” Not a single word from any of you until I tell you to shout. Then shout”.

It really amazes me how the Lord uses little simple things to get the job done! And I truly believe it’s time for us to “Shout” and then watch what God can do. I mean Praises to God Shout them out in the morning,at noon time and before bed and all through the day! Give  God high Praises!!!! With the shape  our world is in and more importantly because God is “Worthy”,we need to do more Shouting and less Doubting!

So Praise God, let Praise continually be flowing from your  mouth!! I believe it’s “Shouting Time” and may God tear down your walls with his many blessings!!!! Hallelujah -Worthy is the Lamb of God!!!!

Love in Christ Pat

4 thoughts on “Shouting Time

  1. Rachel

    Pat . . . it is true there is SO much to be thankful for. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in what will or won’t happen in the future (esp these days with all the uncertainity) that we neglect to praise God for all that is in the present – and there is a lot to shout about. Some days I just spend my quiet time praising Him – and when I stop to really think about it – it is tremendous how much He has done in my life.

    Thanks for the reminder!!


  2. Betty Jo/ The Journey

    I strongly Agree!! I’m Praising Him Everyday!! His Is An Amazing Father. Who Loves and Cares For His Children Very Much. He deserve ((All)) My Praise even when I’m in tears, or laughing!! How Bless I Am to tell others. That’s My Father!! 🙂 ((Hugs))


Thanks so much for your comments,I do appreciate you.

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