It’s Only A Test

When it comes to being tested,it’s always the little things that seem to get me boiling,I mean steaming hot! Take for instance the commode,it’s been acting crazy for the last 3 or 4 weeks.I don’t own I rent and the landlord is as sweet as can be-still the commode is not working right. I’ve called and he has sent someone to fix it,but he’s not a plumber! I am so mad because I want it fixed right and I want it now! Calming down throughout the night was just at best okay,then not even 3hrs, ago I go into use the thing and it want “Flush” again!!!!! That did it buddy I mean I’m even madder now than I was last night! I lift off the top to stick my hand in to make it “Flush”,all of a sudden water starts to gush up!!!  All over my face,my watch and hair,here I stand holding on for dear life so water want go everywhere. I don’t have my phone so I take one hand and raise the window looking for somebody,anybody to yell out Help to.But I see no one I’m standing there wet and mad hot mad,not even thinking about praying.Then I  see the guy that’s been sent over several times to fix this dern thing,So I throw a towel in the tank and run to the door,not wanting him to pass on by.Then to my surprise he’s in the yard “whew”,I’m yelling you better get in here water is everywhere!!! I am still  mad but trying hard to be kind,I wanted to tear his eye’s out and ask him if he really knew what he was doing! Oh I tell ya life is really a trip,I kept thinking be mad but don’t sin,knowing all the time I’m just a hair away from it.Well I’ve calmed down some but buddy these test are something and that lead to other thoughts and on,& on! Just keep me your sister in prayer,for our trials & tribulations do come to make us strong.But some days you just want a break from these “Test”! I hope you enjoy this and that you have  a wonderful day in spite of your trials,I’ll be laughing again soon I’m sure for God did step in and send help even though I couldn’t ask for it. So it’s fixed,I hope for a long,long time  lol.

Love in Christ Pat

Thanks so much for your comments,I do appreciate you.

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