“Racism” It’s Still Going On

Dear friends, Two weeks ago outside Philadelphia, sixty-five children from a summer camp tried to go swimming at a club their camp had a contract to use. Evidently, the club didn’t know the kids were largely Black. When the campers entered the pool, White parents took their kids out of the water, and the swimming club’s staff asked the campers to leave. The next day, the club told the summer camp that their membership would be canceled and that they would refund their money. When asked why, the club’s leader said the “kids would change the complexion … and the atmosphere of the club.” A “Whites only” pool in 2009 should not be tolerated. The club’s actions appear to be a violation of section 1981 of the Civil Rights Act. Whether or not any laws were violated, a “Whites only” pool should be something every American condemns. I’ve just joined ColorOfChange.org in doing exactly that — will you join me, and email your friends and family asking them to do the same? We’re also calling on the Department of Justice to evaluate suing the facility under federal law. It takes just a moment to do both, here: http://www.colorofchange.org/swim/?id=2026-852485 Obama is President but that doesn’t mean that suddenly all is fine when it comes to race in America. This is a vivid reminder of what we know still lies beneath the surface. We all know stories like this one — similar incidents play out quietly every day in different communities across the country. The difference in this case is that folks got caught and there was a contract in place that makes for a potentially illegal act. Standing up now isn’t just about making things right for these kids in Philadelphia or bringing consequences to this swim club (called the Valley Swim Club). It’s about creating a climate of accountability everywhere. If we can publicly shame the Valley Swim Club and hold them accountable for this incident, it will make others think twice before engaging in this kind of discrimination. Please join me in condemning the Valley Swim Club’s blatant discrimination and calling on the Justice Department to investigate whether they violated civil rights laws. And please ask your friends and family to do the same. http://www.colorofchange.org/swim/?id=2026-852485 Thanks. Here are some links to more info: “Pool Boots Kids Who Might ‘Change the Complexion,'” NBC Philadelphia, 07-08-09 http://bit.ly/90Zyr “60 Black Kids Booted from Philly Pool For Being Black — Speak Out,” Jill Tubman at Jack and Jill Politics, 07-08-09 http://bit.ly/GkJTs “Valley Swim Club: Day Two,” Adam B at Daily Kos, 07-08-09 http://bit.ly/qbpSA “Section 1981 Summary,” Employment Law Information Network http://www.elinfonet.com/1981sum.php

These are the type things that disgust me!!!! So many people still believe they are better because of skin color,which is a lie.

Love in Christ Pat

4 thoughts on ““Racism” It’s Still Going On

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  2. Rachel

    this saddens me each time I see or read about it- how we judge each other in these things. When we reject others we are hurting us all. Thank you for bringing our attention to this matter.


  3. Ruby Haskins

    Hi, Pat, have been in kind of a funk lately, haven’t kept up with things. I have had things thrown at me at times like breed or squaw, thats for the indian bit which shows up quite a bit in me. People have always had superiority problems. King David did. Bathsheba’s husband was a Hitite. There was racial discrimination here. He took the wife of a man who he felt superoir to in more ways than one. I do believe he was taught a hard lesson in mirw ways than one. Things like this are quite right to place on the groups. Feel free to do so. I’m sorry I’ve been amiss lately in keeping up. I know I need to snap out of this yucky mood I’m on and meet my responsibilities to myself and others. O’m liable to get kicked out of my own groups. Embarrassing that would be.
    I Hope you are doing alright.
    Blessings, ~Ruby

  4. Linda Kostin

    “OH my dear Jesus; I pray for these sick minded people!” that The Declaration of Independance was written! I think once ayear it should be sent in the mail to evryone int the USA as a reminder of what” UNITED” menns!
    I’m Canadain, and not even from your country as you know Pat, but I can’t get over the fact that ignorant people still walk the earth prejudice! Make sure that this story of yours is placed on Facebook, as well as My Space from someone who knows how to copy and paste it to those sites; so that the whole world reads this story! I say this to the shame of anyone this day and age who judges poele by the colour of their skin – especially; those who are so hateful toward others who are a different; whether it be over weight, underweight, not so beautiful in appearance or hate the colour of another’s skin! The prejudice need to go blind for a good year to see … colour means nothing< but the condition of the heart being loving and kind, as well as giving; and not hateful in any manner, is what matters when it comes to the human race! Uncondtional love is evrything and love covers a multitude of sin! This is why Jeus died on the cross for all mankind! " LET THEM BE AS ONE…" He prayed.
    All man are created egual! And, it's good character that reveals the heart of human beings, certainly not the colour of their skin, class nor postion in life!
    White people get diseases: sexual, Aids, etc. and normal illenesses like anyone else:< no matter what the colour of the skin; and they bleed red blood just like anyone in this world does , …. no matter what the colour of their skin!
    However, peole have the choice to love or hate: with some loving and giving of themselves while others are full of hate and are evil.
    And sadly hate crimes are taking place throughout the nations of the world; YET… God gave human – beings the freedom and liberty to chose" Right or Wrong!"
    Hoe dare anyone int ' The " White ' race think they are the [colour-wise] throughout the earth! < The prideful prejudice whiteman< should check the maps of this earth to see how wrong they are! OH WHAT PRIDE! PRIDE COMES BEFORE THE FALL AND DESTRUCTION SOON AFTERWARD if repentence does not take place with that sadistic, cruel thrown out the window for good!
    The worse crime commintted in my own country that made the international news 20 years ago; was when Christian French was kidnapped right here in St. Catharaines ( where I live!) by Paul Bernardo and that evil Karla Holmoka
    [ Bernardo]; with Christian being taken to their home, sexually perfertedly assutled over and over again as well as tortured non-stop! This was a “white” couple that looked like angels in their wedding pictures etc. that were shown on TV.! It came out that Paul was a serial rapist for many years since a young guy all over Toronto! Karla raped her own sister and killed her! On and on it goes! Hideous crimes of all types on their parts! And, … they were…. WHITE! How would these prjudice white peole out there like that to happen to one of their loved ones by someone their < own colour? They'd change their tune about the colour of the skin but fast, if they ever experienced such a thing done crim-wise in their own family!
    Prejudism is taught to children! It is not born into them with the genes they have inherited. Therefore every human being has the obligation to love their neighbour as theirself and to teach their children this; as like it or not:we are all stuck on this earth together; and it was only ten years ago that i saw on television that evry human being in evry race have one< identical DNA , gene! Hum? From Adam and Eve on , … prove now: All connected like it or not! Therefore when it comes to predjudism, I say to those who are,
    " GET OVER IT!"


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