Do What God Says

If you do what I say do you will get your breakthrough,that’s the words I heard while reading Joshua 6:1~21     How very awesome God is and he can make what seems impossible work  Hallelujah! I can just imagine the people of Jericho especially those standing guard,look at those old dumb Israelites down there marching & singing.Don’t they know they cannot defeat us,this is a well fortified city and they cannot get in! Ha they didn’t have a clue as to who they were dealing with,that’s just  like satan when he throws stumbling blocks in our path,he seems to have forgotten to  whom we belong! But if we’ll stand still,we’ll see the diliverance and help we need,and others  all around us will see our God’s help and be amazed at his power to help us. Then some will even come into relationship with Jesus,and that’s what it’s about helping others to see that God is indeed real! And you can trust him all of the time to do as he has said. Wow it is so wonderful the way God just opens up his word to me,I love it,and I love sharing hoping to help others on this journey home. And also reaching out to the unsaved and praying for them to get saved.

Love in Christ Pat

2 thoughts on “Do What God Says

  1. Rachel

    God is amazing, isn’t He?!!! lately He has been teaching me to call upon Him so that I will trust in his strength and not mine. His faithfullness in responding to my call has been tremendous to say the least. He is incredibly faithful, wants us to call on Him for everything so that His power will shine in our lives and to others.

    Thanks for sharing!!



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