Will You Trust God

Trusting in God is so easy when everything is going so well! But in times of trouble,can you still Trust God? We must realize that God knows all,sees all and hears all.God is always aware of what’s going on in our lives,it is he that called us( Isaiah 43:1) and he loves us very much. God’s Timing means everything!!! In each and every circumstance God is in control and is working the situation out,most of the time God will change us before changing things.That’s because his ways are different from ours and he truly knows what he is doing!( Isaiah 55:8)  God’s word is the truth,and it encourages us and strengthens our faith so that in any circumstance we can Trust him.He knows what he is doing in our lives right now,and he has said All things are working together for our good ,to those who love him(Romans 8:28).  Praise God he is “Worthy” of all our Praise in good times and bad times! In Isaiah 43:10 There is no other God at all,and we have been chosen to know and believe in him.

“From eternity to eternity I am God,No one can oppose what Ido.No one can reverse my action” Isaiah 43:13  Since God is “Faithful” we have no reason not to Trust him.

Love in Christ Pat

3 thoughts on “Will You Trust God

  1. fivepeasinapod

    Hi Pat 😀

    Amen and Amen! God’s ways are higher than ours and we can be assured of His faithfulness. Praise God for His goodness to His children.

    Quite often we need to take our eyes off our circumstances and just focus on Him. Our time on this earth is fleeting and much of our striving fades away as the reality of eternity is impressed upon us by the Holy Spirit.

    Thanks for the timely reminder,
    Blessings to you always in Jesus Name
    Your sister in Him. 🙂

  2. Prudence Ramos

    Yes, one thing I have learned over and over is that praising God helps us through our trials. Praise opens the door to trusting God and when we fully trust God, we can truly worship Him.

    Great post!

  3. annawood

    You are absolutely correct. If we can’t trust God in the bad times, the question is do we really trust God at all. We must be able to praise Him while the rain is falling as well as when the sun shines.

    Thanks for posting this.



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