Daily Archives: September 29, 2009


Just wanted to give you all a “shout” I’m doing better yeaaaaaa! Being sick really can take a lot out of your body for sure.It felt a lot like the flu except the aches & pain weren’t as bad,whew I do thank God for that.Well “Fall” is finally here and I’m glad about that this is my favorite season for real,all of the beautiful colors,temperature just right.As we move through life it’s much like the season’s  of  time,for we have good high days where the mountain top experiences give us such a lift like summer time when all seems so much fun.Then there is spring time a time when you just feel laid back and relaxed,and fall oh this is such a special time.I call this rejoicing time lift up your hands and praise God for all of his bountiful gifts,then as we move toward winter whoa it’s getting cold and the ice & snow this can be a dreary time for sure but in each and every season we can Praise God for he does not change.And God can and will help us through all of our season’s of life and that is good news! Jesus is alive forever “Hallelujah” and he will never  leave nor forget us. As you can see I’m having font problems and while I feel better I don’t feel good enough to do my post all over so forgive me and do have a wonderful day.

Love in Christ Pat