There are just some days when you really don’t feel like moving from one area to another,and this has been one of those days for me.I did help my dear friends since their Mother took her journey home Wednesday,and I do thank God for all he has helped me to do.But now I’m worn down just feel so drained.So as I was looking through some pretty flowers I thought of my Mom,she always kept a beautiful flower garden where ever she lived,and I think they really give you a real lift.God has made all things for us to enjoy.I’m feeling much better now,I love the way that God lifts our spirits and our heads when we get down.It’s so amazing to me how our minds can wonder when we’re tired#1 beat flower it’s then that satan starts his attacks with fear & doubt.But thank God he is always aware of satan’s schemes,and he knows how to lead and take good care of us! Oh how glad I am to know Jesus as my Saviour there is no greater joy in this world for me now.I hope you have a beautiful day and enjoy all of God’s great benefits.

Love in Christ Pat


2 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. findandyleonard


    It was awesome to hear from you! I have been saved now for two years and the Lord has done great things in my life. It is beautiful to be able to experience others joy in the Lord, such as I have experienced on your page. Keep the posts coming!

  2. Rachel

    Hi Pat! Stopping by to say hello — for some reason the picture is over the words in this post . . . and so I’m missing out on your words ;-(



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