My Ways?

For your thoughts are not my thoughts,neither are your ways my ways  ,says the Lord Isaiah 55:8

What a scripture that is! Let me tell ya I’ve prayed for God to help me Love others as he does, and “buddy” it’s going on now. God has some funny ways of getting our attention and bringing his will to pass “whew”. I mean think about it who would of thought that being in the fire and coming out not even smelling of smoke,or being thrown in a well and ending up with the power of the King. I mean from dust to a human being!  But when looking at how God does things we can see a little clearer what’s really going on in our trials & tribulations,notice I said a “little clearer”. Okay so you want to “love others” the right way,but how can you without these test. Take for instance my daughter washed her clothes here after I picked her up and took her back home,then she said Mama can you take me to the hair dresser tomorrow at 11.I mean come on,I don’t do mornings well lol,so here I go with the excuses for not going! You do know that God hears every thought,Lord I just brought her & took her yesterday and surely she can get another way. But of course there are no excuses  good enough for not doing God’s will,and my Father also reminded me of my “attitude”. For when helping others even family “attitude” is very important with God.

Loving others as God wants us to is hard but I’m continuing to pray for God to help me get it right,and I know what that means,more of his ways! God is so good and he keeps me laughing I know he has a “great sense of humor.

Love in Christ Pat

2 thoughts on “My Ways?

  1. Jane

    Hi Pat, I love the way you described God’s ways, like coming out of fire not smelling of smoke, being thrown into a well but emerging later with the power of a king! God’s ways and thoughts aren’t ours eh? But He knows best. Thanks for the reminder to let God have His ways in our lives to mold us into His loving nature. Bless you sis. 🙂

  2. Rachel

    Pat, How we all struggle because we are all a work in progress. I find very few things are instant with God – but the journey is what makes it so precious, deep and real with Him.

    May His love continue to pour into your heart and out to those around you. It is with His love that we love – and He pours His love upon us at His will and timing. That too is a process as I am finding. Keep seeking and asking- it is a prayer from His child that He will not deny.



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