A Love Like No Other

This is my 1 year Anniversary and I give God all of the praise and glory for helping me,it was a rough start but I’ve learned a lot and I do enjoy Blogging.I thank God for all of my followers and for others that stop through,you do really Brighten my day.


Jesus is the only one that loves you as you are,and will accept you as you are,and can change you into someone you never thought you would be.Jesus can change your heart in an instant from cold and hard to love and tenderness.Jesus can change the way you feel about yourself and others for He alone can forgive all your sins and help you to forgive others.Jesus can take away all the guilt and pain you’re feeling right now,and the shamefulness sin is causing you. And I know because He did “All” that and more way back in 1972 and even now He still forgives me and why?? His Great love overflows and so does His Grace and Mercy!!!! So why not get into a lifelong loving Relationship with Jesus and spend the rest of your days knowing you’ve got an “Anchor” that holds you to never let go!! Just pray this little prayer :Lord Jesus please help me to believe and forgive me for all of my sins,I’m sorry for all of my sins I do believe you died and rose again for me come into my heart and help me live for you. If you prayed that prayer and meant it you are now saved a new life has begun,so now get a good bible(English version) easier to understand start with the book of John,and remember everything will not change over night for you are a baby and you must feed yourself in order to grow.You do that my staying in the word and good teaching tapes(I use T.D.Jakes & Joyce Meyer but there are still so many other good ones to help you.Another thing when troubles come(and they will because you’ve changed sides now) remember you Belong to God and He will “Never” leave you!!!God will always take care of you even when you feel all alone,God is there.

Love in Christ Pat


3 thoughts on “A Love Like No Other

  1. Translator Chicago

    This post is really nice. It reminds me the day I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in my heart. I felt an awesome peace I have never felt before. The love of Jesus was overwhelming, pain in my heart at that time were all gone. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. I love him still.

  2. Ardy

    Christian greetings Pat!

    How are you? How’s God working in your life now? I just came back from 2 long months of idleness and is now coping up with the things that I missed in blog world. I hope to hearing from you soon. And by the way Happy Anniversary! Im glad to meet you and be your friend here.

    God bless you always!


  3. ffnicholson

    Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. May God continue to uphold and inspire you to higher heights and deeper depths in him. To him be all glory, honor, dominion and power forever, amen.
    Be Blessed my sister.


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