“Happy New Year”

I hope your New Year is filled with love,peace & joy!

Love in Christ Pat

Each Day

A new year just beginning,
Each day a fresh, new start,
To fulfill your hopes
And pursue the dreams
Sustained within your heart.

Put God in charge;
He’ll plant the seeds
Of affection, love and care.
Like a garden, your life will grow
With kindness flowering there.

And as you face the wonder
Of each day’s mysteries,
You’ll see God’s hand
Unfolding, daily, possibilities!

And as each day comes to a close,
Dream a dream or two,
Then with a prayer thank dear God
For each day given to you.
Poet, Gael Phaneuf

5 thoughts on ““Happy New Year”

  1. Jingle


    Your view of God is who he is, full of glory and love, and the poem you pick is a perfect match to the Lord’s teach, only in lovely and elegant way…

    Silver balloons,
    silver fireworks,
    silver greetings,
    and silver wine cups…

    Please trust my words, I am very much impressed by this presentation.
    What magnificent way to spread WORDS of God!

    Sweet dreams.


Thanks so much for your comments,I do appreciate you.

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