Daily Archives: January 10, 2010


Psalms 149: 1   Praise the Lord!

Sing a new song to the Lord;

praise him in the meeting of his faithful people!

Praise his name with dancing;

play drums and harps in praise of him.

Psalms 148:13  Let them all praise the name of the Lord

His name is greater than all others;

his glory is above earth and heaven!

I tell ya it’s easy to give God praise when things are going our way! But when the trials come,it’s a whole new ball game! For we sure don’t feel like giving God praise,but as I read through the different Psalms,it mentions nothing of if we feel like it. The word says Praise the Lord! I’ve been down for a while,but God has restored my joy,and I do praise and thank him for it! I’ve struggled for years with this weight problem,and I’ve cried and prayed for so long! It seemed as if God didn’t hear me,even though there were many times I had doubt and fear. But God did hear me and now I have a peace in this area of my life,and I know-that I know,God is doing what he has promised me. To help me lose this weight and keep it off!!!

Unless you’ve  had this problem,there is no way you can understand me. Many times I lost the weight only to gain it back.It has been a heart breaking situation for real! But now my mind is full of peace,and in my heart I know this is the final trip around this mountain,for I am losing and it will stay off for I’m learning to eat healthy and to make wise choices. So whatever you’re facing today “Don’t Give Up” God hears and he cares! And as I’m doing force that “Praise” out even when you don’t feel like it-Let everything that has breath “Praise The Lord”!

p.s. I want to thank my new online friends for your  prayers and positive words of encouragement!

Love in Christ Pat

Update I’ve lost 13lbs. and going on to my goal it feels good to back in a size 18 from 22’s for sure! I have so many pretty things I’m bringing out ready for the day I’m back in my 12’s and it is coming,for “Great is God’s Faithfulness”!