Psalms 149: 1   Praise the Lord!

Sing a new song to the Lord;

praise him in the meeting of his faithful people!

Praise his name with dancing;

play drums and harps in praise of him.

Psalms 148:13  Let them all praise the name of the Lord

His name is greater than all others;

his glory is above earth and heaven!

I tell ya it’s easy to give God praise when things are going our way! But when the trials come,it’s a whole new ball game! For we sure don’t feel like giving God praise,but as I read through the different Psalms,it mentions nothing of if we feel like it. The word says Praise the Lord! I’ve been down for a while,but God has restored my joy,and I do praise and thank him for it! I’ve struggled for years with this weight problem,and I’ve cried and prayed for so long! It seemed as if God didn’t hear me,even though there were many times I had doubt and fear. But God did hear me and now I have a peace in this area of my life,and I know-that I know,God is doing what he has promised me. To help me lose this weight and keep it off!!!

Unless you’ve  had this problem,there is no way you can understand me. Many times I lost the weight only to gain it back.It has been a heart breaking situation for real! But now my mind is full of peace,and in my heart I know this is the final trip around this mountain,for I am losing and it will stay off for I’m learning to eat healthy and to make wise choices. So whatever you’re facing today “Don’t Give Up” God hears and he cares! And as I’m doing force that “Praise” out even when you don’t feel like it-Let everything that has breath “Praise The Lord”!

p.s. I want to thank my new online friends for your  prayers and positive words of encouragement!

Love in Christ Pat

Update I’ve lost 13lbs. and going on to my goal it feels good to back in a size 18 from 22’s for sure! I have so many pretty things I’m bringing out ready for the day I’m back in my 12’s and it is coming,for “Great is God’s Faithfulness”!


19 thoughts on ““Praise”

  1. jingle


    Everything is beautifully said,
    Let it be,
    let your faith lead the way,
    Take you to a wonderful bay,
    Where everyone sings the same song
    in praising the lord,
    where everyone shares the joy of
    life as it is given,
    where doubts, disrespect, and abuses
    have No room to take their breath,

    Beautiful Post,
    Creative mind!

  2. Margaret

    Patty Ann,

    The Psalms truly praise the LORD of lords and King of kings and God of gods!…. You are so right in noticing that none of the Psalms tell us to praise God when we feel like it…. It does not matter how we feel — we are always commanded to praise the Lord.

    And notice how we are not told to praise something in this world or another person…. It is only the LORD that deserves praise….. It’s like Paul commands in Philippians 4:4, “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice!”

    He makes no bones about it…. Our God deserves praise at all times….. Keep on praising!…. It sure is delightful.


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  4. Prudence Ramos

    Amen, Jesus is so deserving of our praise, not only in the best of times, but also in the trying, the trials, the worst of times! I love the Psalms and the songs they sing!

    Patty, I fight the same battle you are, and I, too, am on my last trip around this mountain! Praise the Lord!

    Love ya!
    Me 🙂

  5. Dan

    Clicked on your link from “Fruit of the Word” and I’m met with a psalm. That’s a wonderful welcome ;).

    Praying for you as you begin your journey of losing weight. My Mum has just lost 36kg in one year by eating healthy and doing a little exercise…and she isn’t even a follower of Christ (yet!). How much more can be done with God invigorating and inspiring you to endure!

  6. Rachel

    Rejoice Always – is what God tells us – because He is truth and never lies there must always be something to rejoice about. Every trial has brought me to a better place. In God’s hands, He is working out everything perfectly for us, therefore we always have something to honestly praise Him for.

    I’ll be praying for you as well as on your journey to losing weight 😉

    Wonderful post.


  7. Tishrei

    You are so very correct — it’s so easy to offer praise to the Lord when things are going our way. But God wants us to praise Him always, love Him always. If we praise Him only when things are going our way, then without even thinking about it, He becomes only worthy of praise when He’s busy giving. I don’t think Christians mean to do that but that’s what ends up happening. I can’t speak for everybody, but I would venture to guess that we’ve all been guilty of that 😦

    Praise the Lord that you are praising Him again.

    p.s. While I have not had to deal with the weight problem, I can share that there are other things I have had to deal with that are as difficult — so I do understand.

  8. jingle

    I included your link in my “Call For Thursday Poets’ Rally” post yesterday, please let me know if you want to join me for member,

    requirement: post a poem on Thursdays,
    comment on 12 new blogs within a week about poems.

    Your site is spiritual, this blog is the only spiritual blog I choose, I want some diversities, but it is OKAY if you opt out ..
    I respect you.

  9. Jingle

    I will place your link in Poets’ Rally so that u get the beautiful blogger award, please feel free to visit some new participants…

    get out,
    touch lives,
    get feedback,
    be happy.
    see u later.
    😉 😉 😉


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